Sunday, June 28, 2015

Storybook Land

We went to Storybook Land last week and met Ilene and her kids

Sidney-5, Spencer-3, Ruthanna-2 years

Me and my kiddos

Ilene and her kids


Trysten with his youngest cousin Abraham

My walking partner for the mornings she was here- my sister-in-law Erica

Erica and Abraham

Grandma Larson swinging with Ruthanna

Ruthanna Joy- the joy of my life

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hannah's visit

On the way back from the wedding Hannah, 3 of her kids, and Madelyn came and spent the night with us. The kids had fun seeing each other again. Ayden and Riley wanted to hold the baby a lot- they were even willing to do it al by themself!

Happy Hannah with baby

Madelyn with Abraham

The girls(Ruthanna and Hailey) wanted a fort to themselves. Riley wanted to see what was going on and was checking it out!

Movie time before bed

Ruthanna got her first happy meal!

Abraham with Hannah and Madelyn

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wedding weekend-- June 6th

Rebecca with Sophia and Ruthanna

Jodi and Abraham

This little guy had lots of love over the weekend-- lots of aunts and uncles wanting to take their turn at holding him.

Bryan taking his turn

The cousins-  11 out of the 12

Brothers wtih Abraham

The happy bride and groom

We visited Gertrude before we left for the weekend- She'll be 98 next month!

Hannah and I-- and that's the weekend in pictures

May in review

We started the mont of planting flowers to put on our porch steps. Ruthanna loves watering them whenever she's outside.

When we had company here for baptism at the beginning of the month, we picked rock.

Trystan and Andrew discing with the blacks

First checkup for Abraham-

We decided to have nrcs plant some trees for us this spring. We had to get it ready and clean out the old trees. My dad and Marty came over to help a couple of days.

We rented an excavator to make the job easier

Ruthanna's latest hobby is fishing with her dad.  They dug for worms one night before they went and Ruthanna stood outside waiting for Andrew to come out of the hosue with the snacks. She kept yelling "I'm ready dadding to go sishing!"

Planting with the four horses