Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


 Ruthanna loves to do play-doh-- she got some for her birthday and while I'm doing dishes, she will often sit at the table and work on that.
 Ruthanna in her new dress by the tree the night of Christmas Eve. 
 Opening gifts at our house with my parents

 November and December were busy months with music at church- between bell choir, small group choir, and large group choir, we had lots of songs going. My binder got full of music during the last couple of months. Now we are gearing up towards another busy few months ahead with choir.
 Sugar plum made her way to Ruthanna this Christmas!  A favorite that Ruthanna had found in a catalog.
And now, Sugar Plum has a spot up at the table with Pooh Bear and Ruthanna to eat cake and whatever else Ruthanna decides to serve.  :)

Gifts in a Jar

This year Ruthanna and I made some gifts in a jar for gifts at Christmas-time. The recipe was for a banana spice cake.  When we got done, Ruthanna was asking to do another "art project!"
 Ruthanna right in on the action

 Putting the chocolate chips in was her least favorite part  because she wanted to eat them instead.

The finished product

Florida trip

We went to Florida for a week last month. This was Ruthanna's fourth time flying and she got her own seat this time.  We didn't rent a car this time, but we could take the bus to the beach or walk, so we did that. 
 Taken at the fish pond at the resort where we stayed
 We went on a water taxi the last day. We spent a few hours sight-seeing and was able to get off at an island and grab a bite to eat.
 Family picture
 Mommy and Ruthanna 

This picture was taken along one of our sightseeing streets that we got off of while on the water taxi. Ruthanna climbed right up by the two statutes and read the book too!