Sunday, September 7, 2014

Before Andrew left for work...

The last two weeks before Andrew left for work were  busy, but we had fun. We went to the state fair one day. Ruthanna liked looking at the little animals in the petting zoo type place.
Mommy and Ruthanna posing
Mommy and Ruthanna in the oats field while combining
Family picture...
We went to the children's museum one day in Brookings. Ruthanna always loves going there.  They had fishing that day so we did that and then came inside and did the other activities. The grocery store is a favorite!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pictures from earlier this summer....

 Taken at our church last May after confirmation-- my family. Ruthanna 21months
 We went to Storybook Land for a day before Andrew left for the ship last spring. Ruthanna loved the little slides the most, along with looking at the animals.

 Visitors in June--the Hallahans!  Hannah came with three of her kids for the evening and the kids had a good time feeding the lambs.

 Ruthanna and Riley--- the two August 2012 cousins.
Hannah and me

Ruthanna Joy's 2 year photos

We took Ruthanna's pictures a few days before she turned two years old last month. What an adventure! She had her camera and I had mine and away we went with trying to get a few good ones!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

//Week 3//

We celebrated Ruthanna turning two years old last week. We had a party with relatives and church people out.

 Feeding the lambs was a hit.... Andrew would get the corn ready as the kids waited patiently.
     Looking at the horses
 Andew's parents came for the birthday party too.Ruthanna loves helping grandma Larson clean.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

//Week 2 //

My helper.... always ready when it's time to cook

 Ilene and I went out for supper one night. Andrew watched the three kids. We had fun catching up and not entertaining kids while we ate.
 this was what we came home to...the girls doing the dishes!
Dessert time for the kids with Andrew
 We have been working around the yard getting things picked up and junk hauled out...
 One day we had a man come and grind stumps for us. He did 25 stumps in just over 2 hours.
                   We went out one night to a concert...
                                    Kissing dad
Cooking again